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Thursday, May 14, 2015

GCC residents needs to take online visa to UAE from May 15th

GCC residence permit holders will not be eligible for the visa on arrival facility at airports in the UAE from May 15, according to various sources. They should apply for e-visa in order to obtain entry into the UAE, source said.

“However, the new rule will be strictly implemented from September 1 this year only. It may be because the new requirement has not been publicized widely and many people have already bought the tickets and finalized their travel plans,” the source added.

However Dubai based Khaleej Times news paper reported that online application and online payment of visa fees have been introduced for expatriates staying in the GCC on residence visas in order to spare them from the hassle of waiting in queues at the Dubai International Airport.

‘GCC Individual Services’ on www.ednrd.ae gives detailed information and instructions the GCC expatriates with residence visas need to know, prior to applying for UAE entry permits.

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MoH withdraws Infant Panadol over dosage error

KUWAIT: Upon a request from the manufacturing company, the health ministry yesterday pulled Infant & Baby Panadol Syrup off the shelves due to a mistake in the maximum dosage directions. The medicine registration and release supervisor at MoH's medicine control department Rami Sadeq Behbehani told KUNA that a mistake was discovered in the directions on the bottles about the recommended maximum intake (RMI), as an overdose may lead to liver poisoning in children.
Behbehani advised all pediatricians and general practitioners to stop prescribing Panadol syrup for babies and infants and temporarily prescribe an alternative until the manufacturing company corrects the RMI mistakes. He also urged all parents to stop using the medicine until the problem is resolved.


Wednesday, March 25, 2015

KD 10,000 fine for bachelors staying in residential areas in Kuwait

The Municipality has completed a study on amending decreed law 125/1992 banning ‘bachelors’ from renting flats in some residential areas by imposing a fine of up to KD 10,000 on landlords and tenants. According to report in Al Qabas daily, the step primarily targets single expatriate men who rent rooms inside buildings at areas allocated for government houses, which are referred to officially as ‘private housing areas’. It does not have an effect in areas allocated for apartment buildings, otherwise known as investment areas.

Municipality Director General Ahmad Al-Subaih cancelled in a letter to the Director of the Fatwa and Legislation Department all violating contracts and agreements, as power will be cut from the buildings and they will be evacuated administratively. 

Move to increase the salary cap for family and visit visas in Kuwait

Authorities are considering to increase the minimum salary cap for obtaining family and visit visas, local daily reported. The current salary cap for depended visa is 250 KD. 

In another news, General Administration for Immigration shall, without exception, deport immediately laborers under the Articles (18) and (20) if they are reported absconding by their sponsors, local daily Arab Times reported.

The Administration is also considering to make the validity of the passport to be two years minimum for applying for dependent and work visas and not less than six months for visit visas.

Surveillance cameras at vital places Kuwait

The Council of Ministers has approved the draft law which has been submitted by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Sheikh Mohammad Al- Khalid for the installation of security surveillance cameras.

According to local daily report, during the first phase 15 cameras will be installed at vital places and this exercise will be followed by the installation of cameras at other places as the need arises. The owners of these places will be obliged to install security cameras with a capacity of storing data for not less than 120 days.

The draft law stipulates three years imprisonment for any person found tampering with the recorded data by the surveillance cameras, for not saving the data or publishing any of the contents. What is recorded by these cameras shall be considered tangible proof in the event of any crime, assault or theft.

According to the draft law these cameras must also be installed at hotels, banks, and sports and cultural clubs, youth centers, entertainment centers such as recreational parks, shopping malls, commercial complexes, residential complexes, and banks, jewelry shops, jewelry stores, hospitals, clinics, and motels

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